About Me

🧙 I am a conscious business owner, product owner, sales guy, entrepreneur, troublemaker, data analyst, executive, mentor, advisor, coach, analyst, brother, hockey player, kite surfer and bad dancer.

💎 I like to build, inform and coach software driven businesses that need to get big. I take responsibility for realizing successful projects, managing expectations, coordinating sprints, carefully evaluating stakeholder feedback and improvements.

🌍 I believe that together with customers, partners and communities I contribute to the prevention of problems with health, safety and being future-proof.

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Systematic coaching for total vitality or dating to talented entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.


Creating smiles in gardens and buildings by solving small problems as a handyman.


Building and informing tech scale-ups, unicorns and companies.


Contributing to vital infrastructure related to economy, food and safety for a flourishing society.